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Cross-country Run [2004]

Duration: 8 min 46 sec

A blue silhouette of a man runs through a disjointed space, never interacting with the floating landscape. The imaginary landscape passes through the screen from right to left faking motion, wrapped in a bell-shaped musical piece by Philip Glass. No distance will be covered. This is a tracking shot without any real movement.

Some of the fragments depicted, -construction sites, traffic and bulldozers- connote a time of upheavals. Others, like the leaves, electricity pylons and cable, the wind blowing through torn flags and a blown up Santa Claus suggest a rootlessness, the absence of a firm attachment to reality. The place could be anywhere but all these images originated in Pafos. This man, taken from photographs shot more than a dozen decades ago, does not belong here. Rootless, insular, unseeing and unseen, he is a cut out, and cut off from his history, his culture and his project.

Concerto for Violin and Orchestra - 2nd movement by Philip Glass.
Violin: Gideon Kremer
Conductor: Christoph von Dohnányi
Wiener Philarmoniker